A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

While your allies are busy fending for themselves against the massive red army, you're busy doing whatever the hell you want, mainly killing enemy reds because your guns haven't been used in ages. Poor guns.

This is the FPS i have been working on. The version is currently version 2.0 Alpha. Any ideas for the game can be left in the comments if you so wish to tell me (Except sound, i am working on that).

Special thanks to Brackeys for his awesome tutorials that got me started on unity game making www.youtube.com/brackeys. Font used in several UI elements is Roboto made by Google.

Install instructions

To download do the following:

1. Download the file suitable for your computer type.

2.Extract the .zip file you downloaded.

3. Run the .exe/application to play!

If you get an error on windows or linux that a _data file is not present, it means the OperationWhyNot_data file you downloaded and got from the zip file is not in the same directory as the OperationWhyNot.exe file. They both need to be in the same area/file in order for the game to be run properly.


OperationWhyNot_Windows.zip 21 MB
OperationWhyNot_Mac.zip 41 MB
OperationWhyNot_Linux.zip 63 MB

Development log

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