A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are the legendary super sphere! Jump from platform to platform to reach the teleporter at the end of the 3 levels, and if you can, collect the coin on each level, either hidden or hard to reach. Once you've done that, do it again!

This was a small project i worked on for about 4 days just to see what i could do with the Unity game engine. It turned out just how i'd expected, however i've decided to build upon it just a bit more before i leave it alone.

Huge thanks to the youtube channel Brackeys for his videos that got me started on making unity games! www.youtube.com/brackeys. And, of course, Unity for allowing me to make games and providing the skyboxes.

(And no i didn't download his game and edit all the textures).

Install instructions

To Download:

1. Download the file that suits your computer type

2. Once on your computer, unzip the .zip file you downloaded.

3. On Windows and Linux, there are builds x86 and x86_64, so choose whatever your computer is built for, and go ahead and bin the other one. For mac you just get an application, so no need to worry. (So mac-biased!?)

4. Launch up the .exe/app/x86_xx file (Windows and Linux need the _data file you download in the same directory. The mac version doesn't need a _data so once again, more mac bias...)

5. Configure the graphics settings shown once launched and hit play. Then enjoy this game!


SuperSphere! Mac.zip 20 MB
SuperSphere Windows.zip 23 MB
SuperSphere! Linux.zip 22 MB

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